Recapitulation is a technique of the old sorcerers, designed todisentangle one energetically from the ties of the past. It loosens ourtight grip on old interpretations that keep us from perceiving newstimuli. It is also aimed at putting stuck filaments to rest to allowus to perceive new filaments. Through controlled folly, we know thatnew interpretations are only for the moment, and we don't allowourselves to get fixed again. The act of moving awareness back to oldfilaments, seeing every detail, and then coming back to the present,accompanied by the breathing process, loosens by itself the assemblagepoint. Recapitulation also reveals your whole inventory of actions andreactions -your basic patterns- so that after the recapitulation youcan choose new actions (which become not doings).
-Taisha Abelar, Omega Institute, 5.27.95


"En la soledad no se encuentra más que
lo que a la soledad se lleva."

-Juan Ramón Jiménez


Las condiciones de un pájaro solitario son 5:
  • Se va a lo más alto
  • No sufre por compañía, aunque sea de su propia naturaleza.
  • Pone el pico al aire.
  • No tiene un color determinado.
  • Canta suavemente.

San Juan de la Cruz
"Dichos de Luz y Amor"