"When Howard Lee closed down his studio, his students were really upset.We told him he could raise his prices, but he didn't see the point of it. Andbecause he was a Chinese man, he was really fucked up. He was really rigid--oncehe decided something, he never changed his mind. The mother of a student had anabscess on her leg. She was very wealthy. She came to him and he did his thingwith needles. He told her to go home and come back in two weeks. She had bigmoney and was willing to pay him $20,000 to have him work on her every day, orevery hour. The woman's son asked, 'Would you please charge her $2,000?' Howardasked, 'Why? It'll heal it.' And it did, within a couple weeks, and it only costher a couple hundred dollars. Howard was just a dog. He could have made a lot ofmoney for it, but he didn't get it, or he didn't see the point.

-CC 12/30/96; Dance Home, Sta Mónica